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18 January 2017 - Cemetery research - Currently looking for McBride Family Cemetery in north Brazos county near Mt Tiver and Robert Henry cemetery (the Rye Community)Website - Updated meetings webpage and started creating WW1 resources webpage. Genealogy training webpages were added and updated I also received an email question from our website about a Burleson county resident Preciliano Caballero with 14 children who lived on 99 Chance Farm. I suggested checking with the Post Office for old addresses. The farm has had many uses since the 1800's and covered thousands of acres but no cemeteries located on that property. I found a cemetery close by that may have her relative. As representing the Ramblers, I joined a group that is working on honoring Brazos county WW1 soldiers. We are collecting info for each of the 700 plus soldiers in Brazos county. DAR, American Legion, TAMU, Bush Library, VFW, and several others are involved in this group.

22 February 2017 - Cemetery research - Still researching location of McBride cemetery and creating new webpages for undone cemeteries. Website Updates to events and cemeeteries

Other - Create a webpage for the Brazos county 100th anniversary of WW1 and removed it.

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