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Web Site Committee

Purposes & Objectives: The Web Site Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the Rambler website at www.texasresearchramblers.org. You MUST know HTML and website management.

Committee Chairman: Clint Williams

Committee Advisor: Robert (Bob) Cohen

Committee Members:

Current Projects:


March - April  2022

I used the indexing software and indexed the website It finally presented results correctly. I also corrected software locations.

February 2022

I applied their software recommendations and Passmark said send them the files which they reviewed. I added updates to the Walker county Lockin.

January 2022

I rechecked zoom indexing software and received an error when indexing. I found the culprit

December 2021

I contacted Passmark about a software problem. They sent a reply.

I added information to the Lawrence and Clampitt files.

I updated Texas calendar of events.

November 2921

I found mapping software for finding Brazos Original Land Owners. This will take time to create. Updated calendars of events

October 2021

  • - After working with HTML5 and CSS3 I find NO value in it at this time.
  • - I do NOT RECOMMEND these updates to the website. Someone mistakenly thought I did but I don’t recommend what I haven’t tried. The only reason to update to HTML5 was for a video to play in a web browser. We HAVE NO VIDEO so there is not need for it.
  • - The other issue is COST! We would have to set a budget starting at $50 per month
  • - I removed the yellow splash page and the links
  • - Developing Brazos County Original Land Owners webpage. Links were added for San Jacinto veterans to the San Jacinto Veterans Museum which has genealogical information.

September 2021

  • - I updated new officers that were voted in by Ramblers
  • - I updated all events, both local and state wiide

August 2021

  • I updated all events local and statewide on the website.
  • I assisted DAR members in trying to find the last resting place of a World War 1 veteran to return his headstone.

July 2021

  • – I was interviewed by the Eagle newspaper about Riverside cemetery. One of her friends could not understand why the cemetery was in such bad shape. It never occurred to her that no relatives live in the area or if they did, they did not know wher grandma and grandpa were buried. It is s racially mixed cemetery and most people buried there were farmers and their children. It is about one mile from the Brazos river but you will never see this 10 acre cemetery from the road. It is totally overgrown with brush. One man in Waller county thanked me for finding the burial place of his grandmother.


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