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Biographies and Obituaries - X-Y-Z

Last Name First Name Title Sub-Title Item Source Date Page Reel
Delimage Mrs. Mary Bio/Obit Zanetti Family Obit BWE
7 Sep 1911
Reese, Jr J. Lewis Bio/Obit Y Yearbook Corral
1 May 1916
Woodward Stella Edith Bio/Obit Y Yearbook Corral
1 May 1916
Yarboro Kimbell F. Bio/Obit Y Obit BCSE
19 Jan 1983
Yarboro Kimbell F. Bio/Obit Y Death BCSE
18 Jan 1983
Yarborough Ralph Bio/Obit Y Article/photo BCSE
22 Nov 1983
Yates Joe L. Bio/Obit Y Obit BDE
23 Jun 1963
Ybarra Herculano Bio/Obit Y Obit BDE
17 Aug 1953
Yeager Gertrude Bio/Obit Y Yearbook Corral
1 May 1916
Young Tom Bio/Obit Y Article  
11 Oct 1917
Young William Bio/Obit Y Probate Houston
18 May 1848
Young William Bio/Obit Y Probate Houston
8 Jun 1848
Youngblood Mrs. Bonney Bio/Obit Y Article BWE
4 Feb 1932
Yount Karmen & Carter Bio/Obit Y- ETC box 1998-9 Article ETC
1 Nov 1998
Zak Frederick J. Bio/Obit Z Article/photo BWE
22 Jun 1932
Zak Mrs. Antone Bio/Obit Z Obit BDE
4 Oct 1915
Zanetti Fortonato C. Bio/Obit Zanetti Family Patent Designs  
Zanetti   Bio/Obit Zanetti Family Cemetery Info  
Zito Rev. Francisco Bio/Obit Z Death BDE
19 Aug 1927
Zuber Abraham Bio/Obit Zuber Family Genealogy BDE&P
7 Jun 1914
Zuber W.P. Bio/Obit Zuber Family Letter  
13 Jun 1912
Zuber   Bio/Obit Zuber Family Ad BWE
28 Sep 1899
Zuber   Bio/Obit Zuber Family Ad/photo BE
11 Aug 1899
Zuber   Bio/Obit Zuber Family Article BE
6 Dec 1894
Zubik Frank Bio/Obit Z Article/photo BWE
17 Mar 1932
Zubik Jerome G. "Jack" Bio/Obit Z Obit TE
9 Oct 2008
Zulch W.L. Bio/Obit Zulch Family Obit BP
11 Jun 1908
Zulch W.L. Bio/Obit Zulch Family Article BE
22 Mar 1905
Zulch W.L. Bio/Obit Zulch Family Article BME
8 Mar 1906
Zulch W.L. Bio/Obit Zulch Family Article BP
20 Sep 1906
Zulch   Bio/Obit Zulch Family Article  
25 Aug 1917
Zulch, Sr. Julius Bio/Obit Zulch Family Obit BE
1 Mar 1900
BDE  -      Bryan Daily Eagle TE or BE -   The Eagle or The Bryan Eagle
BME  -      Bryan Morning Eagle BP  -   Brazos Pilot
BWE  -     Bryan Weekly Eagle HD  -   Hearne Democrat
BME&P  -  Bryan Morning Eagle & Pilot BCT  -  Burleson County Tribune
BDE&P  -  Bryan Daily Eagle & Pilot EX    -  Examiner
BCSE    -  Bryan-College Station Eagle MM  -   Madisonville Meteor

*An asterisk indicates an estimated date or information that was obtained from other sources such as the Social Security Death Index or the Texas Birth or Death Indexes..

  From abstracts of Bryan newspapers that were done by the staff of the Carnegie History Center, several members of the Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society have indexed the records involving items of interest to family researchers such as birth, marriage, death and real estate transactions.

Since the abstractors did not always note the full reference of the item as to page, column and microfilm roll number and since the names of the early newspapers were not always identified clearly, the indexers have tried to indicate the data source to the best of their ability. Since the local newspaper was published at various times on a weekly basis or daily basis and the name changed from Bryan Weekly Eagle to Bryan Morning Eagle and then Bryan Eagle and at times the publications were concurrent, it was not an easy task to identify the exact source.

Given the date of publication, however, the staff at Carnegie History Center should be able to locate the reference. If a copy of the actual newspaper article is desired, the staff at the Carnegie History Center will attempt to locate the article and will make a copy for a fee. For more information you may contact the Carnegie staff through their web site at http://www.bcslibrary.org

Copyright ©  2005- by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society.  This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. None of the information on the cemetery pages, partial or in total, may be used by any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of profiteering. All copies and "links" to this page must contain this location reference as its source.

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