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Walker Settlement Cemetery

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Cemetery Name: Walker Settlement Cemetery
County: Brazos
USGS Quad: Bryan
Maintained by:
Land owner: Walker settlement
Transcribed by: Kate Thomas
Date read: December 12, 2013
Photos by: Clint Williams
Date added to Rambler web site: May 25, 2015
Condition of cemetery**: Good
Walker Settlement Index

Location Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
  Andrews, ?en V. 12-Dec-1887 24-Apr-1941 marker broken
  Andrews, Walter 13-Apr-1879 26-Jul-1956  
  Arrington, Mary and George     no dates
  Atkinson, R.A. 1867 1938  
  Austin     remainder of marker illegible
  Austin, Emmitt Austin Sr. 8-Feb-1908 12-Oct-1997  
  Austin, Mary 1880 1930  
  Bank (?)     remainder of marker illegible
  Banks, Alpearl 2-Jun-1929 6-Aug-1955  
  Banks, Arthur 26-Oct-1919 10-Mar-1980 PVT US Army World War II
  Banks, George 7-Nov-1892 1-Dec-1966 Texas PVT US Army World War II
  Banks, Pearl 28-Nov-1896 8-Jan-1978  
  Banks, R.S. 30-Mar-1925 9-Jul-1944  
  Banks, Willie Elvin 4-Jul-1936 11-Mar-1997 The Lord is My Shepherd
  Barnes, Glenda Green 13-Jan-1967 14-Oct-2011  
  Bell, Mrs. Lucinda 1880 1976  
  Burns, Hannah 20-May-1889 8-Mar-1968 Mother-Gone but Not Forgotten
  Burns, Julius Nelson 7-Jun-1891 19-Nov-1974 Father-Gone but Not Forgotten
  Burts, Archie Jr. 20-Jun-1931 14-Jan-1981 PFC US Army
  Burts, Rosie     At Rest
  Castle, Amie 8-Nov-1919 3-Nov-1964  
  Castle, Carrie 20-Aug-1914 22-Jul-1983  
  Castle, Sam 13-Apr-1890 19-Nov-1957  
  Chappell, Ben     dates illegible
  Davis 1990   no first name or date
  Dunn, Dannie M 1915 2008  
  Ferguson     remainder of marker illegible
  Ferguson, Isabel 15-Jan-1943    
  Ferguson, John L. 30-Dec-1928 22-Mar-2010  
  Ferguson, Willie Mae Kurney 16-Feb-1902 8-Jan-1948 Mother-Our Beloved Angels
  Foley, Edd 15-May-1898 1-May-1969  
  Foley, Greg 19-Feb-1962 31-Jul-1979 Our Son
  Foley, J.D. 14-Dec-1948 24-Feb-1968 Texas PVT CO D 23 AIT Brigade
  Foley, Melvin 17-Apr-1924 10-Feb-1968 Texas PVT US Army World War II
  Foley, Susie 10-25-1895 20-Nov-1966  
  Gilbert, Mary Taylor 22-Nov-1936 12-Mar-1990 In Loving Memory
  Goffney, James W. 23-Sep-1928 4-Jun-1973 Pvt. US Army
  Graham, Marina W.   1890  
  Green, Mary B. 12-Jul-1934 1-Jan-2002  
  Green, Oritz Sr. 4-Jul-1932 9-Sep-2000  
  Hinton, Claude 1901 14-Aug-1954 Texas 68 Aviation Squadron World War II
  Holland, Mable 22-May-1924 21-Jan-1988  
  Holland, Robert 6-Dec-1918 7-Sep-1961  
  Holland, William Jr. 19-Dec-1917 5-Feb-1976 Gone But Not Forgotten
  Holmes, Caraline 2-Jun-1891 29-Jul-1951 At Rest
  Jackson, Mrs. Archie 18-Oct-1909 17-Mar-1980  
  Jackson,Millie     Broken Stone; date incomplete
  Johnson, Charles Pep 24-May-1951 4-Nov-2008 In Loving Memory
  Johnson, Eugene   3-Nov-1963 Precious Memories
  Johnson, Eugene     no dates
  Johnson, Jesse James   15-Feb-1935 Texas PVT 165 Depot Brig.
  Johnson, Mrs. L.C.     no dates
  Jones, Ethel Marie 18-Sep-1974 11-Jun-2012 Forever in our Hearts; "Tiny"
  Justice, Daisy L. 26-Jun-1920 21-Apr-1977 Our Precious Mother
  Kurney, Francis   18-Sep-1927  
  Lane, Lila Mae 14-May-1909 24-Aug-2004 In Loving Memory "Aunt Sang"
  Mallett, Charles 5-Feb-1902 18-Jan-1988  
  Mallett, Corine Polk 13-Mar-1904 11-Jan-1992  
  Manley, (E?)arlie M. 28-Jul-1910 6-Oct-1990 In Loving Memory Wonderful Father
  Manley, Corine M. 16-Nov-1916 1-Mar-1994  
  Manley, Howard L. 22-Mar-1930 10-Jan-1995 US Army World War II
  Manley, Richard B. 12-Apr-1940 2-Sep-2000 In God's Care
  Manley, Sophia 3-Mar-1960 8-Aug-1994  
  Manley, Travis H. 2-Jul-1945 7-Feb-2000 US Army
  Manley. Arlanders 17-Sep-1915 24-Jan-1976  
  Mannings 15-Jun-1922 22-May-1961 given name illegible
  Mayes, Oliver 13-Mar-1919 23-May-2012 The Wind Beneath our Wings
  McGee, Jerry N. 20-Sep-1958 24-Apr-2007  
  McMurray, Nathaniel Sr. 19-Jan-1932 15-Jul-1992 Loving Father; Very Special Friend
  McMurray, S.     no dates
  McMurry, Douglas Lawrence Sr. 5-Jun-1930 24-May-2004  
  McMurry, Jacquelyn Ann 13-Sep-1961 24-Jul-2000  
  McMurry, Matilda Blue 29-Mar-1938 13-Jan-2000 Loving Wife and Mother
  McMurry, Robert     dates illegible
  McMurry, William 20-Aug-1928 26-Jan-2001  
  Milligan, Earl J. 20-Jan-2010 2-Jul-2010 Father
  Milligan, Gussie R. Hunter 14-Jul-1931   Mother
  Morrison, "Pappa" Bill 14-Dec-1886 3-May-1976 From their root's came 7 children, although they knew nothing about raising children only what their heart's and mind's spoke. "Thank them." There were no criminals. From them came 26 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, and 26 great-great grandchildren. "can you beat that." They do live again. "Try it." The recipe is "live, Love and let live." 3/30/1980.
  Morrison, Billy      
  Morrison, David Edward (Bobby) 25-Jul-1958 17-Oct-2005  
  Morrison, Punie M.     Date 11/8/1931 unknown if birth or death
  Morrison, Susie "Mama" 18-Feb-1891 15-Nov-1946  
  Morrison, Weatherford 11-Jan-1927 1-Jan-2010 man on horseback carved on marker
  Morrison-Mayes, Corine 19-Jun-1934 17-Jun-2004 Gone But Not Forgotten
  Norman, Claira Mae 1921 2012  
  Norman, Henry 23-Jun-1903 8-Apr-1971 A Love for Ther
  Norman-Walker, Ethel Ray 4-Jan-1945 11-Feb-1992 Forever in our Hearts
  Palmer, Minerva Montgomery 10-Dec-1912 30-Aug-1990  
  Polk, Georgia 10-Apr-1879 18-Jan-1949  
  Polk, Rosie Lee Watson 12-Sep-1915 14-Oct-2007 In Loving Memory
  Polk, Russel 3-Jan-1874 29-Nov-1949  
  Robertson, Cassie 25-Aug-1912 16-Dec-2002 Mom
  Robertson, Martha 14-Aug-1936    
  Robertson, R.L. 10-Mar-1934 9-Oct-2012  
  Robertson, Walter 11-Aug-1911 29-Jan-1997 Father
  Spears, Mark 1-Aug-1900 31-Oct-1979  
  Spears, Zelma 30-Apr-1914 29-Nov-1984  
  Taylor, Ceoma W. 20-Mar-1902 1-May-1968 Mother
  Taylor, Christine W 1967 2011  
  Taylor, Curtis Sr. 6-Mar-1921 14-Jul-2012 Forever in our Hearts
  Taylor, Dessie Milligan 17-May-1924 6-Nov-2009 Forever in our Hearts
  Taylor, Diann 30-Mar-1973 11-Apr-2012 Meet Me In Heaven
  Taylor, Edward 23-Sep-1919 15-Jan-2000 US Navy
  Taylor, Jimmie Lee 12-Jun-1949 8-Nov-2012  
  Taylor, Maxie 17-May-1900 21-Dec-1973 Father
  Taylor, Maxie E. Sr. 5-Feb-1945 11-Nov-2010 US Army Vietnam
  Thomas, Delta Demetria 3-Apr-1972 30-Dec-2012 Daughter, Sister and Friend
  Thomas, Edna M. 17-Apr-1943 24-Feb-1996 Loving Daughter and Mother
  Thomas, John 19-Dec-1975 19-Nov-1961  
  Thomas, Mrs. Delta D. 3-Apr-1972 30-Dec-2012  
  Thomas, Patsy 10-May-1879 12-Dec-1968 Gone But Not Forgotten
  Thomas, Reginal Wayne 7-Feb-1968 28-Dec-2012 Son, Brother & Friend
  Thompson, Mary Benford 1865 1939 An Angel Touched Her and She Slept
  Thornton, Lacy M. 24-Apr-1901 28-Apr-1985 Beloved Mother
  Turner, Emma 14-Jan-1884 2-Jan-1951 GrandMother -Our Beloved Angels
  Turner, Jewel 14-Jan-1910 28-Jun-1960  
  Walker, Joe 4-Sep-1984 10-Sep-1984 PFC US Army World War I
  Williams, Lucy 24-Apr-1926 21-Apr-2012 In Loving Memory
  Williams, Margaret D. 13-Jun-1877 22-May-1896  
  Williams, Maurice 2-Mar-1941 2-Mar-1941  
  Wood, James 13-Jan-1950 6-Dec-1969  
  Wortham, Mamie     no dates
  Wortham, Tom     no dates

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

*Explanation of Abbreviations:
R = Right side of road;   L = Left side of road;  BC = Back center;   C = Center
d/s = double stone;   t/s = triple stone; q/s quadruple stone
s/o = son of ;  d/o = daughter of;  c/o = child of; m/o = mother of; h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of;
FS = Footstone; FHM = Funeral Home Marker; MM = Military Marker; SRC - Source; BCGS = Brazos County Genealogical Society; BCGSQ = Brazos County Genealogical Society Quarterly; TDR = Texas Death Records; SSDI = Social Security Death Index; WOW = Woodman of the World

Note:  Copyright ©  2005- by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society, Inc. This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. N one of the information on the cemetery pages, partial or in total, may be used by any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of profiteering. All copies and "links" to this page must contain this location reference as its source.

PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT official records, only TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS. If you desire official information about this cemetery, please contact the organization responsible for its records. This is a PARTIAL listing of readable headstones.

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