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Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Cemetery Name: Old Pleasant Hill Cemetery
County: Brazos
USGS Quad: West Brazos
Maintained by: Unknown
Land owner: Unknown
Read by: Clint Williams
Date read: October 13, 2013
Photos by: Clint Williams
Date added to Rambler web site: December 15, 2015
Condition of cemetery**: Abandoned
Directions: This is on private property. From the Brazos Courthouse go West on FM 158 1.2 miles until it ends at HWY 21 west. Take HWY 21 west for 2.5 miles to Pleasant Hill Road and turn right. Turn left and cross the cattle guard and continue toward a large house with a white cross design fence. This is the Bailey house. It is on their property
Old Pleasant Hill Index
Arnold, Bert 1 month old 6 Nov. 1932 Texas Death Certificate
Bell, Carrie 45 years old 5 Feb. 1938 (Texas Death Certificate)
Davis, Willie 28 years old 12-May-1929 (Texas Death Certificate)
Edwards, Sallie 3 months old 10-May-1930 (Texas Death Certificate)
Edward, Viola 27 years old 17 Feb. 1930 (Texas Death Certificate)
Edwards, Walter nl 18 Jul 1931 Court record
Edwards, Willie 29 years old 18-Jul-1931 (Texas Death Certificate)
Ellis, Ruben 40 years old 28 Feb. 1926 (Texas Death Certificate)
Ellis, Sallie 30 years old 5 Nov. 1918 (Texas Death Certificate)
Elmore, Julia nl 30-Jul-1905 from tombstone
Elmore, Marshall 70 years old 28-Jul-1917 (Texas Death Certificate)
Gay, Lee Anna 24 Dec. 1889 14-Jul-1938 (Texas Death Certificate)
Hall, Willie J 2 years old 13-Jun-1928 from tombstone
Harris, Oscar 29 years old 4 Oct. 1926 (Texas Death Certificate)
Harrison, Low nl 20-Jul-1918 Court record
Hill, Monroe Nov. 1888 22-Jun-1924 (Texas Death Certificate)
Hunter, Eddie 27 years old 24-Jul-1932 (Texas Death Certificate)
Jefferson, Precilla 60 years old 28 Jan. 1932 (Texas Death Certificate)
Jenkins, George 1 Jan. 1896 9-Mar-1923 (Texas Death Certificate)
Johnson, Annie 63 years old 2 Jan. 1918 (Texas Death Certificate)
Johnson, Haywood 17 years old 19 Aug. 1923 (Texas Death Certificate)
Johnson, Robert 46 years old 14-Mar-1923 from his tombstone
Jones, Liza 15 Nov. 18 8 Sept. 1940 (Texas Death Certificate)
Koontz, Lillie Mae 34 years old 11-Jun-1942 (Texas Death Certificate)
Langston, Tryus 31-Mar-1905 28 Sept. 1938 (Texas Death Certificate)
Loughridge, Hugh 40 years old 14-Jun-1913 from his tombstone
Loughridge, Laith 67 years old 27-Mar-1937 (Texas Death Certificate)
Loughridge, Mary 42 years old 29-Dec-1907 from her tombstone
McMillan, Sam nl 1-Oct-1903 (weekly) Bryan Eagle page 2, col.4
Newton, Nancy 56 years old 20-Jul-1930 (Texas Death Certificate)
Nutall, Angeline 30 years old 24 Aug. 1910 (Texas Death Certificate)
Owens, Amos about 9 years old 22 Sept. 1920 (Texas Death Certificate)
Rhodes, Willie 19 Jan. 1901 18 Jan. 1940 (Texas Death Certificate)
Rogers, Annie June 1884 29-Jul-1936 (Texas Death Certificate)
Sanders, Enoch 33 years old 2 Aug. 1917 (Texas Death Certificate)
Sanders, Louis 1 Aug. 1918 3 Sept. 1938 (Texas Death Certificate)
Sanders, Roberta 2 years old 14 June 1895 from her tombstone
Scott, Paul 1 day old 16 Sept. 1940 (Texas Death Certificate)
Shorter, Eveston Lee 2 months old 7-May-1929 (Texas Death Certificate)
Shorter, Jack 64 years old 21-Jul-1931 (Texas Death Certificate)
Shorter, Overlene 1 year old 4-Jul-1926 (Texas Death Certificate)
Shorter, Weldon 14 Nov. 1896 19 Feb. 1925 (Texas Death Certificate)
Smith, Miles nl 14-Mar-1920 Court record // Texas Death Index
Smothers, Sam 8 months old 12 Nov. 1935 (Texas Death Certificate)
Turner, Arizona 4 years old 11 Sept. 1930 (Texas Death Certificate)
Turner, Henry 46 years old 10 Feb. 1921 (Texas Death Certificate)
Turner, Mira 2 months old 4-Apr-1930 (Texas Death Certificate)
Walker, Victoria 32 years old 6 Jan. 1934 (Texas Death Certificate)
Walton, Jim Edd 60 years old 24 Oct. 1933 (Texas Death Certificate)
Warren, Stella 17 Oct. 1917 20 Oct. 1936 (Texas Death Certificate)
Warren, Susan 45 years old 28-May-1929 (Texas Death Certificate)
Williams, Pearl 18 years old 30 Oct. 1918 (Texas Death Certificate
Williams, Seth 26 years old 13-Jun-1918 (Texas Death Certificate)
Wilson, Jim 80 years old 1-Apr-1936 (Texas Death Certificate)
Wilson, Lizzie 3 May 1899 17 Aug. 1943 (Texas Death Certificate)
Wilson, Sarah 31-Jan-1905 2-Mar-1912 from her tombstone
Wilson, Willie 7-Jun-1907 18 Aug. 1926 (Texas Death Certificate)
Woods, Shelley Mae 31 Dec. 1942 22-Mar-1943 (Texas Death Certificate)

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

*Explanation of Abbreviations:
R = Right side of road;   L = Left side of road;  BC = Back center;   C = Center
d/s = double stone;   t/s = triple stone; q/s quadruple stone
s/o = son of ;  d/o = daughter of;  c/o = child of; m/o = mother of; h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of;
FS = Footstone; FHM = Funeral Home Marker; MM = Military Marker; SRC - Source; BCGS = Brazos County Genealogical Society; BCGSQ = Brazos County Genealogical Society Quarterly; TDR = Texas Death Records; SSDI = Social Security Death Index; WOW = Woodman of the World

Note:  Copyright ©  2005- by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society, Inc. This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. N one of the information on the cemetery pages, partial or in total, may be used by any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of profiteering. All copies and "links" to this page must contain this location reference as its source.

PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT official records, only TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS. If you desire official information about this cemetery, please contact the organization responsible for its records. This is a PARTIAL listing of readable headstones

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