History of the Kurten Cemetery

The beginning of the cemetery in Kurten, Texas dates back to October 31, 1868 when the second child of Henry and Augusta Kurten died at the age of two years. The story that has been passed down through the Kurten family tells of Henry Kurten, an immigrant from Germany, who said he did not want to bury his daughter in the old cemetery that was so far away from their home. He chose the site for her burial on a hill on some of his land which was only a short distance from their log house. The site was surrounded by cedar trees and gave the appearance of a peaceful place for eternal rest. Henry Kurten then donated the land for the community to use as their cemetery.*

When the cemetery was first started, it was called the "German Cemetery" since so many residents of the area in the 1800's were immigrants from Germany. The name "German Cemetery" is written on the front page of the original record book that is still being used today to record the burials. The cemetery has been under the direction of the Kurten Cemetery Association since the late 1800's. **

* This information was supplied by Mrs. Amy Kurten whose husband, Milton, is a descendant of the Henry Kurten family.

** This information was supplied by Mr. Ray B. Darling who has been Secretary of the Kurten Cemetery Association for many years.