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Goodson Cemetery


Cemetery Name: Goodson Family Cemetery
County: Brazos
USGS Quad: Roverside
Maintained by: Goodson family
Land owner: Goodson Family
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Date added to Rambler web site: August 24, 2020
Condition of cemetery**: Well maintained
Goodson Index
Name Born Died Inscription
BOND, Ceorge Thomas 13 July 1830 1-Feb-1902 w/ Lula Bond
Bond, Lula 7 Jan 1881 25 Aug 18909 Daughter of GT and MJ w/George Thomas Bond
CAMPBELL, Charles W NL 6 Dec 1876 17y Son of D. Campbell
CAMPBELL, David 17 Apr 1827 11 Jun 1894  
COLANDER, Annie NL 21-Mar-1921  
COOK, Mona Goodson 9 Sept 1895 28-Dec-1951  
COOK, Oscar L 1 Mar 1891 4-Jul-1970  
EWING, Annie L 21 Dec 1884 27 Jun 1886 Dau of Tom and Mary Ewing
EWING, Infant 25 Dec 1886 25 Mar 1886 Dau of Tom and Mary Ewing
EWING, Infant 24 Jul 1888 24 Jul 1888 Dau of Tom and Mary Ewing
GONZALES, Joe NL 1-Sep-1922 Court record
GOODSON, Anna 21-Nov-2021 11-Feb-1900 Wife of WP Goodson
GOODSON, Betty 17-Sep-2017 23-Dec-1922 w/ John F Goodson
GOODSON, Frank E "Jack" 25-Sep-1915 28-Aug-1983 S SGT US Army WWII Brother
GOODSON, J L 7 Mar 1818 11 Jun 1881 Grandfather w/ Lenora Bond Goodson
GOODSON, John F 3 Nov 1865 9-Apr-1920 W/ Betty Goodson
GOODSON, Lenora Bond 22 Jul 1832 10-Dec-1926 Grandmother w/ JL Goodson
GOODSON, Lillie A 2-Sep-1900 31-Dec-1900 Dau of TB & NA Goodson
GOODSON, Mary Ellen 14-Mar-1905 3-Jun-1905 Sister w/ Thomas Bryan Goodson
GOODSON, Nannie 31 Dec 1874 24-Jul-1906  
GOODSON, Nell Holt 1-Jun-1910 29-Oct-1959 w/ William Peter Goodson
GOODSON, R B 14 Jun 1852 21-Jan-1925  
GOODSON, Ruby 7-Nov-1900 20-Apr-1901 Dau of J F & Bettie Goodson
GOODSON, SG 11 Apr 1851 23 Mar 1867 Sam son of JL & LN Goodson
GOODSON, Thomas Bryan 17-Mar-1905 18-Apr-1905 Brother w/ Mary Ellen Goodson
GOODSON, Thos B Sr 23 Mar 1856 25-Apr-1914  
GOODSON, William Peter 1-Jul-1906 2-Jun-1964 w/ Nell Holt Goodson
GOODSON, William Peter 27 Dec 1860 30-Mar-1937  
HIGGINS, James A 14 Dec 1895 27-Dec-1968  
HIGGINS, Mattie Mae 28-Aug-1903 4-Nov-1981 Goodson w/ James A Higgins
lopez, Angelina NL 3-May-1931 Court record
LOPEZ, Augustine NL 3-Sep-1931 Court record
SPELL, Joe M 31 Mar 1892 2-Nov-1970 TX CPL CO B 360 INF WW1 w/ Viola Goodson Spell
SPELL, Viola Goodson 9 Jull 1910 NL w/ Joe M Spell
STONE, Daniel NL 20-Mar-1921 Court record
WILLIAMS, Ellen NL 4-May-1931 Court record
WILLIAMS, Joe NL 19-Jan-1931 Court record

** Condition of cemetery as observed on the given date -
may not be representative of care at other times of the year
Scale: Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor - Abandoned

*Explanation of Abbreviations:
R = Right side of road;   L = Left side of road;  BC = Back center;   C = Center
d/s = double stone;   t/s = triple stone; q/s quadruple stone
s/o = son of ;  d/o = daughter of;  c/o = child of; m/o = mother of; h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of;
FS = Footstone; FHM = Funeral Home Marker; MM = Military Marker; SRC - Source; BCGS = Brazos County Genealogical Society; BCGSQ = Brazos County Genealogical Society Quarterly; TDR = Texas Death Records; SSDI = Social Security Death Index; WOW = Woodman of the World

Note:  Copyright ©  2005- by Texas Research Ramblers Genealogical Society, Inc.This information may be used by libraries, genealogical & historical societies and individuals for their own personal use,however, commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. N one of the information on the cemetery pages, partial or in total, may be used by any person or organization, electronically or otherwise, for the purpose of profiteering. All copies and "links" to this page must contain this location reference as its source.

PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT official records, only TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS. If you desire official information about this cemetery, please contact the organization responsible for its records. This is a PARTIAL listing of readable headstones

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